Good curves = Good surfaces. A small equation that makes you understand immediately, how useful are the following management tools and editing curves. Below we highlight some of the most interesting commands.

01 _CurveBoolean

IT Trims, splits, and joins curves based on their overlapping regions. It allows to work with offsets, grids and intersections of lines and polylines, it is albe to extract only the contours of the selected regions. Really useful on architectural plans.

02 _ConnectCrv

CONNECT extends and trims curves to meet at their endpoints This command is slightly hidden, to find it you have to go deeper into the menu extensions.

03 _Extend (keep radius)

Among the most interesting extension commands, you have extend with arc and keeps radius, that allows you to precisely extend a curve or arc, keeping the same radius of the end point of the curve.

04 _FilletCorners

This command is useful to create multiple fillets on a polyline. By setting a single radius, the command creates, automatically, a round arc shape on each single corner of your polyline.

05 _TweenCurves

The command Tween Curves allows to creates transitional geometries by setting the count of intermediate steps. As example we can create a series of concentric curves having, as input, only 2 curves: the curve most intern and the external one.

06 _Rebuild

One of the most interesting tool it’s Rebuild, that allows to regenerate a curve by managing degree and number of control points. It shows also the deviation from the original one.

07 _Simmetry

When the geometries are symmetrical it is more effective to build only one half of the model. Using the _Simmetry you can create a mirror copy of the curves, keeping the tangent plane of reflection.
If you enable the option Record History, changing the base curve, the copy will follow symmetrical updates.

08 _MatchCrv

MatchCrv command it’s really interesting. Allows you to modify the connections between two curves, by set-up the smoothness of the transition (G0, G1, G2).

09 _Simplify

Simplify command replaces each curve segment that has the geometry of a line or an arc with a true line or arc.

10 _BlendCrv

Blend Curve it’s the tool that allows to create complex curves in a easly way. It connects two curves or two surface edges by keeping the continuity (G0, G1, G2).

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